KyberVision Unveils Psykinematix 1.0 for Mac OS X, Visual Psychophysics Made Easy!

Psykinematix: a new Research & Teaching Tool for Visual Psychophysics

MONTREAL, Canada —February 21, 2008—KyberVision today unveiled Psykinematix 1.0, a new OpenGL-based Software Package dedicated to Visual Psychophysics running on PowerPC- and Intel-based Macintosh computers and compatible with both Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) & Leopard (10.5). Psykinematix consists in a unique stand-alone application that does not require any programming skill to create and run complex experiments. Easy to use, subject-friendly, powerful and reliable, Psykinematix runs standard psychophysical protocols, presents complex stimuli, collects subject's responses, and analyzes results on the fly. Learning Psykinematix is easy as it includes a complete documentation, numerous examples of stimuli and experiments, and some tutorials. Psykinematix is also a great learning tool to introduce visual perception and to illustrate psychophysical concepts to students.

Psykinematix 1.0 features:
  • Easy experimental design (no programming required!)
  • Standard methods & procedures
  • A large variety of simple & complex visual stimuli, either static or dynamic
  • Precise control of time-varying stimulus properties
  • Support for multimedia stimuli
  • Display calibration
  • Data plotting and fitting with psychometric functions
  • Subjects, groups and sessions management
  • Communication with external devices
  • Easy export of stimuli
  • And much more ...
To learn more about Psykinematix 1.0 and its system requirements, please visit:

Pricing & Availability

Psykinematix 1.0 is available on a Try-Before-You-Buy basis: a free, fully functional trial copy can be downloaded at and evaluated for 15 days before it switches to a Demo mode. Despite its limitations, this Demo version can still be used as a FREE educational tool in classroom. Psykinematix can be purchased immediately through our Paypal online store. Psykinematix costs $600 (CAD) for a single-user license. We offer several licensing schemes, that come with their own support package, and additional support packages are available as separate purchase.

For more details about pricing, please visit our online store:

Press Contact:
William Beaudot, PhD
Founder & Chief Scientist at KyberVision

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