KyberVision Presents Clinical Applications of its Psykinematix Software at the Winter Annual Meeting 2009 of the Vision Society of Japan

Psykinematix: A New Psychophysical Tool for Investigating Visual Impairment due to Neural Dysfunctions

TOKYO, Japan —January 22, 2009—KyberVision today presented an invited paper at the Winter Annual Meeting 2009 of the Vision Society of Japan that took place at the Kogakuin University in Tokyo. After reviewing the pathologies and known visual symptoms for the neurodegenerative diseases that pose some of the greatest challenges in an aging society (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases) and for the mental disorders that are the most disabling conditions in children and young adults (autism and schizophrenia), this paper shows how Psykinematix, a new Mac OS X software package developed by KyberVision and dedicated to visual psychophysics, can help clinician researchers replicate fundamental studies and better investigate visual functions that are impaired by aging and neural dysfunctions, such as shape and motion processing. Because Psykinematix does not require any programming skill, and provides an intuitive GUI that abstracts most of the inherent difficulties, this new tool provides effortless means to create and run complex psychophysical paradigms in clinical applications.

KyberVision is also pleased to announce that it entered a distributor agreement with Namoto Trading to provide its Psykinematix software to Japanese customers.

A PDF copy of the published paper is available:

William H.A. Beaudot (2009) Psykinematix: a new psychophysical tool for investigating visual impairment due to neural dysfunctions. Vision: the Journal of the Vision Society of Japan, 21(1):19–32

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Psykinematix 1.0 is available on a Try-Before-You-Buy basis: a free, fully functional trial copy can be downloaded at and evaluated for 15 days before it switches to a Demo mode. Despite its limitations, this Demo version can still be used as a FREE educational tool in classroom. Psykinematix can be purchased immediately through our Paypal online store. Psykinematix costs $600 (CAD) for a single-user license including support. We offer several licensing schemes, that come with their own support package, and additional support packages are available as separate purchase. For more details about pricing, please visit our online store:

Press Contact:
William Beaudot, PhD
Founder & Chief Scientist at KyberVision

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