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September 25, 2017 KyberVision Japan LLC Unveils 'Psykinematix Student Edition'
May 19, 2017 KyberVision Japan LLC and Cambridge Research Systems Unveil Metropsis for macOS
August 3, 2015 KyberVision Unveils Psykinematix 1.5, GPU and Bits#/Display++ Editions v2.0
June 21, 2012 KyberVision unveils Psykinematix 1.4 for Mac OS X
September 27, 2011 KyberVision unveils "Visual Acuity" 1.0 for Mac, Desktop Solution for Vision Care
May 3, 2011 KyberVision unveils Psykinematix 1.3 for Mac OS X
December 20, 2010 KyberVision unveils "Patterns XL" 1.0 for iPad
December 10, 2010 KyberVision unveils "Visual Acuity XL" 1.0 for iPad, Mobile Solution for Vision Care
April 15, 2010 KyberVision unveils Psykinematix 1.2
April 1, 2010 KyberVision unveils "Math Graphing XL" 1.0 for iPad
December 3, 2009 KyberVision unveils Psykinematix 1.1 for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
July 14, 2009 KyberVision unveils "Math Graphing" 1.0 for iPhone & iPod touch
February 21, 2009 KyberVision unveils "Visual Acuity" 1.0 for iPhone & iPod touch
January 22, 2009 KyberVision presents Clinical Applications of its Psykinematix Software at the Winter Annual Meeting 2009 of the Vision Society of Japan
January 16, 2009 KyberVision unveils "Patterns" 1.0 for iPhone & iPod touch
December 30, 2008 KyberVision unveils "Field Of View" 1.0 for iPhone & iPod touch
February 21, 2008 KyberVision unveils Psykinematix 1.0 for Mac OS X, Visual Psychophysics Made Easy!

Press Contact:
William Beaudot, PhD [English & French]
President & Chief Scientist

Kenzo Sakurai, PhD [Japanese & English]
Director & Senior Consultant

Founded in 2004 in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and relocated in Sendai (Miyagi, Japan) in 2015, KyberVision operates in the field of Vision Sciences, and provides consulting, research & development services to universities, research centers, hospitals and businesses around the world. Its mission is to offer superior products and services while meeting the needs of its quality conscious clientele. Its personalized approach and its great flexibility allow KyberVision to establish with its clients a business relationship based on confidence and cooperation. The diversified range of skills and expertises of KyberVision's president is a keystone for providing these services.