KyberVision Unveils Psykinematix 1.4

Psykinematix 1.4: The world most advanced software package for visual psychophysics!

MONTREAL, Canada —June 21, 2012—KyberVision today unveiled version 1.4 of its Psykinematix software, a Mac OSX OpenGL-based software dedicated to visual psychophysics. This release contains many bug fixes, improvements, new features, and an updated documentation also available as an iBooks Textbook for iPad. This new version is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 ("Tiger") to the forthcoming OSX 10.8 ("Mountain Lion"), and runs on older PowerPC-based and newer Intel-based Macintosh computers.

What's New with Version 1.4?
  • Custom bootstrapped fitting of measurements as function of independent variables (with error bars, goodness of fit reported),
  • Built-in functions for fitting measurements as function of independent variables (Linear, CSF, VSM, TvC),
  • Graph Properties palette in Plotter panel to better customize the appearance of the results plots and with user-defined styles,
  • Support for spatial dithering to improve luminance and color resolution (up to 14 bits per component),
  • Ishihara Stimuli category (with customizable target and ground appearance),
  • Support for imported images as parameters in Custom Stimulus through the "Image File" unit (allows advanced image processing!),
  • Addition of mag(X) and phase(X) functions in Custom Stimulus,
  • Better support for Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters in Text Multimedia stimuli,
  • Support for stereo format in RDK stimuli,
  • Full support for spatial nAFC for MEF and SSS stimuli,
  • Addition of Weber and Michelson contrast specifications to image Multimedia events,
  • Support for Mouse-Driven stimulus coordinates (ie move your stimuli in real-time using your mouse!),
  • Support for Spyder 4 colorimeter from DataColor,
  • User Guide as an iBooks Textbook for iPad.,
  • And many other improvements...

To learn more about Psykinematix 1.4 and its system requirements, please visit:

Pricing & Availability

Psykinematix 1.4 is available on a Try-Before-You-Buy basis: a free, fully functional trial copy can be downloaded at and evaluated for 15 days before it switches to a Demo mode. Despite its limitations, this Demo version can still be used as a FREE educational tool in classroom. Psykinematix can be purchased immediately through our Paypal online store. Price for Psykinematix 1.4 still starts at a low $300 (CAD) for a student license. We also offer several other licensing schemes, that come with their own support package. Additional support packages are available as separate purchase.

For more details about pricing, please visit our online store:

Press Contact:
William Beaudot, PhD
Founder & Chief Scientist at KyberVision

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